Assessment frameworks for Energy Communities

Assessment frameworks 2

The Lightness project has generated a report on the definition of the Assessment frameworks for Energy Communities. The aim of this deliverable is to assess Citizen Energy Communities performing a multicriteria assessment using Key Performance Indicators. These indicators are values that can be measured, evaluated and demonstrated in order to assess the performance to reach a specific target.

A multicriteria assessment is a decision-making tool to evaluate different alternatives and expectations and find the best alternative with regard to different parameters or indicators, often conflicting. This tool helps in the decision-making process because it allows setting a contextual framework and methods to generate preferences among different alternatives. Applying this method will allow the user to rank from best to worst all the alternatives according to an ordering that is a legitimate synthesis of the criteria and reach the best solution to the multi-criteria problem.

Defining Key Performance Indicators to perform the multicriteria assessment for Citizen Energy Communities will be crucial to be able to evaluate, measure, compare and quantify the performance of a community based on certain indicators. Citizen Energy Communities are a new model to organise citizens to actively participate in the electric sector, and thus, are complex, multifactorial and extremely different among each other. They are affected by a set of parameters such as the user types, energy vectors, environment, location, political frameworks, economy, etc. For this reason, it is crucial to identify the main areas affecting a community and measure the impact of certain parameters within those areas. These parameters will be the Key Performance Indicators that will be used within the multicriteria assessment for the decision-making process. The Lightness assessment toolset will help to design, evaluate, update and understand the Citizen Energy Communities and improve timing and efforts in the project development.

For developing the multicriteria assessment for Citizen Energy Communities, it is required to identify the broad areas affecting the community and identify the KPIs for the specific targets. In Lightness these areas were identified during the proposal stage and are the following: energy, environment, economy, social, legal and ICT. Now the whole Consortium has worked together sharing knowledge and experience to classify the most impactful Energy Community indicators. The work methodology has consisted of a joint collaboration among partners providing insights in their area of expertise and discussing the values in a set of meetings, as well as setting the description of the indicators, the data source, the units, the calculation methodology and the identification of the stakeholders interested in each indicator.


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