Introducing the Lightness Project website

This is an overview of the #LightnessEU digital space and everything that you can find in it. The website has been designed as a space to learn about Citizen Energy Communities, introducing the Lightness Project and the people it wants to involve.

A good place to start exploring the Lightness Project is the  homepage, which gives a nice overview, with specific sections for information about the project, the team, and the pilot sites. Next, a section of materials collects resources about energy communities and renewable energy. This section is expected to grow, with updates and results added over time.

Above all, Lightness is not just a project, but rather one small step in the just energy transition. The website will share a new way to think about energy consumption and production—a way in which all citizens can participate. For instance, the homepage details eight reasons to become part of this new energy culture, but there are many more! The about page explains what are Citizen Energy Communities and why it is important to promote and support them now. Certainly, the objectives of #LightnessEU are ambitious in terms of scope and goals. This page displays and explains the six main objectives, the timeline and regional scope of the project.

In order to make sure the solutions of Lightness actually work in practice, the project will be tested through pilot sites in Poland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, and Spain. In other words, the project will support Citizen Energy Communities in five countries with very different contexts.

The Lightness Project includes the participation of 13 partner institutions found on the Team page. Each one has its own superpower and contributes what they do best. Additionally, all the partner institutions are organized in four main working areas to attend important aspects of the project.

Lastly, the news & events section and social media channels will continually communicate developments in the pilot sites and the project.

The new energy culture is here!


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