Sustainable Places Conference

The Lightness project was one of the projects central to the ‘Fast Track on Energy Communities’ at the Sustainable Places conference in Rome from 28 September until 1 October 2021.

The Fast Track consisted of four conference workshops in which major new developments around energy communities in Europe were presented. Business models, technologies and engagement were key themes on which each one workshop was organised, followed by an overarching wrap up session in which the European Commission announced its plans to launch a European Energy Community Observatory. The Observatory aims to bring together all lessons on energy communities throughout Europe to be learned.

The 25 projects on energy communities that were presented in Rome illustrated that there already is much to be learned, including the lessons on just engagement from the initial stages of the Lightness project that were presented at the conference. These included the challenge to adapt an ICT platform in a flexible way to varying needs and aims of citizens, to make participation also possible for residents with low ICT skills and to make people feel co-responsible for the outcomes during the whole lifetime of the project.

Sustainable Places Rome online participants


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