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¿centralised or distributed energy?

Energy communities are already a reality. One of the most outstanding characteristics of these projects is their promotion of a distributed energy system, complementary to or independent from the centralised one. However, which of these two alternatives, a distributed or centralised system, is more sustainable in terms of energy and resource consumption?

Engagement in Netherlands

How do we engage the people who will make up this community? In the Netherlands, this engagement pathway began with interviews with various residents in the neighbourhood in Woerden.

First Anniversary of Lightness

December 2021 markes the First Anniversay of the Lightness project. The Consortium continues to work on the promotion of Energy Communities.

Getting involved in Energy Communities

Setting up Energy Communities implies the development of technical solutions that should go hand in hand with a process to engage, motivate and inform citizens and all interested parties.

Sustainable Places Conference

The Lightness project was one of the projects central to the conference workshops at the Sustainable Places conference in Rome.

Transition. The importance of the journey

This article seeks for a deeper understanding of the meaning of the energy and ecological transition, within the series of Challenging Questions arising throughout the Lightness Project.

Engagement plan

LIGHTNESS involves seven Citizen Energy Communities in five different European countries. Within each of these communities a group of people is invited to participate in a pilot project. The experience of participants helps us shape and support a new energy culture.

Lightness is part of Enlit Europe

The Lightness Project is now part of Enlit Europe. Our main objective is to promote renewable energy by supporting Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) in Europe.

Introducing the Lightness Project website

This is an overview of the #LightnessEU digital space and everything that can be found in it. This website has been designed as a space to learn about the Lightness Project.

The Lightness Project is here!

Lightness is a European Union funded project that contributes to a clean and fair energy transition by supporting Citizen Energy Communities.

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