From Frequently Asked Questions to Challenging Questions

Many websites have a section entitled FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). This is a page that summarises the answers to the most frequently asked questions on a given subject and therefore serves as an effective aid to understanding the subject.

As a result of their novelty and future potential, energy communities raise questions not only about what they are and how they are formed, but also about their role in the necessary shift to a new energy model. These are much more challenging questions, as their purpose is not only to understand how these energy communities meet energy supply needs, but also to question their contribution towards a more sustainable, democratic, and just future scenario.

Through a series of short articles, our aim is to open up debates that frame and enrich the meaning of the Lightness project, whose mission is to involve communities and society in the future of energy. The following is a list of proposed topics that will be addressed throughout the development of the project. These topics are intended to answer both the frequently asked questions about the what and the how as well as the more incisive or challenging questions about the purpose of energy communities:

  • The just energy transition as a framework for action against climate change.
  • Energy is a socio-cultural and lifestyle challenge.
  • Regulatory and administrative challenges for energy transition.
  • Technological barriers and appropriate technology for renewable energy.
  • The finance and economics behind a new energy model.
  • The current energy system: let’s understand the starting point for the transition.
  • Affordable, clean, and renewable energy in the European Agenda.
  • Energy is much more than energy: climate change, social equity, and circular economy.
  • The city and region in the context of the energy transition.
  • Types of energy communities and their role in the change of energy model.
  • Who makes up an energy community?
  • Management of citizen energy communities.
  • How to evaluate the success of a citizen energy community.
  • From pilot projects to the European energy system: changing scale


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