Graphical Identity Manual

The report Project identity, guidelines, logo, branding, social media and website responds to the need for communication and dissemination guidelines in the Lightness Project, including a Corporate identity manual and a set of basic graphic materials that will continue to be updated throughout the project.

As of now, the type of communication for Lightness is mainly online, through its website, social networks and newsletter. These means of communication facilitate the understanding of the project. In addition, the Identity Manual has been created to provide guidance on the project’s graphic style, which is dynamic, visually pleasing and inclusive. Handmade drawing is playing a central role while pictures and videos are missing until face-to-face workshops and meetings take place.

Communication in Lightness aims to connect the social and the technological work areas of the project in order to make the technical aspects accessible to different stakeholders. Responding to this objective, the present report collects some of the most relevant communication materials that are already being used. Relevant and understandable information will continue to be offered to target audience at different moments throughout the project. Hence the contents of the Identity Manual will be constantly updated, so that new needs that may appear are accounted for.


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