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The Lightness Project reached its 1-year milestone last week, for which we organized a General Assembly to evaluate the progress made so far and set the next steps. One of the greatest advances is the launching of a first-of-a-kind crowdfunding campaign to support Lightness´ Italian pilot in Cagliari.

Ener2Crowd, the number one Italian platform for sustainable crowd-investing, is part of the Lightness team and together with the project coordinator R2M, will enable Lightness to testify a way in which it is possible to involve people in innovative, sustainable financial schemes and join the construction of a better and more prosperous future. This success is the body of proof that the overall work we are developing within Lightness is something real, and valuable for people.


This crowdfunding campaign enables all citizens to contribute to building an energy community in Italy and path the way towards a new energy culture. It is a reliable, transparent, and ethical opportunity that is also a financial one. There is great value in unlocking the “fossil economy” that limits the market size to the operators’ capabilities to raise funds in traditional ways (through bank loans, private debt funds, etc.). By opening more accessible and sustainable ways of accessing to financing, more diverse peoples are able to participate and decentralize and democratize the energy system. In turn, this not only generates economic value but also positive environmental and social effects. Every invested euro produces a CO2 emissions reduction by 0,61kg every year.

How can anyone participate?

  1. Sign up here to the Ener2Crowd platform and create a profile
  2. Recharge funds (from a bank money transfer or credit card)
  3. Select the Cagliari project to invest
  4. Manage a green portfolio

The user experience is quite like a professional investment platform where you have detailed project information (technical, financial, and environmental) and full transparency on the proposer’s profile (balance sheets, history, society composition and structure).

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This crowdfunding model was coined by Ener2Crowd as a P2P Business Lending Crowdfunding or Crowd-Investing. It is the smartest and most flexible way to create that surprising match between companies that are in search for an extra support – social and financial – for their purposes, and people that understand those purposes and share the same values. This “P Challenge” stands for People, Purpose, Planet, Profit, Participation, Progress, Prosperity, and proves that a sustainable life is not about facing major costs but about creating and embracing more values.


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