For this endeavour, the Lightness Project has assembled a multidisciplinary and international team of 13 partner organisations, and 5 pilot sites across 8 EU countries.


Focused on sustainable Business Models & Innovative Financing Schemes

Focused on roadmapping CECs in different regulatory and market maturity conditions

Focused on social engagement and communication to boost Citizen Energy Communities and Renewable Energy Sources

Focused on low-cost technological package for Local Energy Communities

Case study leaders


The Netherlands




60 supporter organisations from different sectors and countries

The Lightness Project has received support from 60 organisations including city municipalities, energy agencies, cooperatives, construction and utility companies, technology providers, financial entities, and even from three replicators from outside the EU in Turkey, India, and Senegal with potential across all of Africa.

These supporters have expressly shown interest in the potential benefits that the Lightness Project will bring to Citizen Energy Communities, and are willing to participate in replication efforts.

Such significant support across various sectors and countries will help facilitate Lightness’ contribution towards the renewable energy transition in Europe and the world.

Public Sector

Energy Cooperatives

Energy Agencies

Construction and RES companies and associations

DSOs, BRPs, utilities

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Energy Tech providers


Replicators extra EU

Financial Entities

Participative Process experts