Lightness is part of Enlit Europe

Photo by Mary from StockSnap

The energy model is changing and evolving rapidly. A dynamic place where ideas and experiences can be exchanged is necessary not only to be part of this evolution, but to ensure it is fair and inclusive for everyone.

Acknowledging the importance of a diversity of players, Enlit Europe is a digital platform and series of events that brings together long-established actors, new external disruptors, innovative start-ups and the increasingly engaged end-user.

The platform showcases expert knowledge, innovative solutions, and insights from industry leaders, to help shape Europe’s energy transition. The purpose is to bring all of these people together to take advantage of current opportunities, spotlight future ones, and inspire the next generation to participate in the journey.

The Lightness Project is now part of part of the Enlit Europe community. Our main objective is to promote renewable energy by supporting Citizen Energy Communities in Europe. In order to accomplish this, we think is essential to connect with all the multiple stakeholders of the energy industry.

Enlit Europe is a platform where we can look for opportunities for the Citizen Energy Communities that we are supporting. With this partnership, we are also seeking to disseminate the results of the project to larger audiences, exchange knowledge, and find organizations interested in investing in the technology and/or deploying for a ripple effect.

Likewise, the Enlit Europe digital platform includes other EU Horizon 2020 projects. Each one is dedicated to advance a specific aspect of the energy transition, just like we are focused on Citizen Energy Communities.

Lightness Project is part of a larger whole. There is an entire movement of stakeholders, platforms, resources, technology, new business models, financing schemes, partnerships, etc. that is driving the new energy culture.

What is common to all of us is the unifying goal to advance the energy model towards a more sustainable one: respectful to the planet and to its citizens.


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