Residential communities in The Netherlands

Case study leader

i.LECO and Bam (Dutch construction company)

The Netherlands case study will combine multiple pilot sites in three locations of recently renovated social houses for rent in Woerden, renovated houses for sale in Helden and new built houses for sale in Delft.

The use of multiple pilot sites has the potential to provide greater economies of scale and allow for the development of multi-community forming strategies.

i.LECO will be a technical aggregator and Local Energy Community (LEC) provider, and as cross-pilot overall provider will sub-contract tasks to the pilot site locations.

Local Energy Community Buildings

Residential, small commercial: office, shop, small industry, research, services (hotel, restaurant, etc.)

involved in the project demo



  • I.LECO as case study leader
  • BAM (Dutch construction company) as representative for all pilots
  • Three Citizen Energy Community managers (one per pilot site)
end users

Immediate potential outreach after the project

3,000 houses/year

Up to 60,000 houses in 20 years

Type of business


Services that will be tested

Smart contracts, peer-to peer community trading, Citizen Energy Communities optimisation, and congestion management.


For provision of true community energy services, the regulations still have to be changed. This will help advance the values of community service in relation to lower costs of energy distribution.