The Lightness Project is here!

Lightness is a European Union (EU) funded project under the Framework of the Horizon 2020 Programme. It is also linked to a larger EU initiative to make the green transition a reality within the next three decades. The European Green Deal, announced at the end of 2019, unveiled a comprehensive environmental plan towards a zero-carbon target by 2050 for Europe. This ambitious goal can only be achieved through joint efforts at the regional, national, and local level.

To work towards this ultimate goal, there are many projects involved in different and specific aspects of sustainability. Regarding the energy sector, there are changes, adjustments, and innovations that need to take place to change our current model towards a more sustainable one.

The Lightness Project is part of these efforts to transition from fossil fuel energy extraction towards an energy model based on renewable energy, specifically solar energy. What is special about this project is that it recognises the importance of communities. A transition of this scale will only be possible with the inclusion of all relevant actors: this means citizens—like you—reading  these words, energy cooperatives, utility companies, governments of different scales, small and large businesses, etc. We must all work together to come to a consensus of the future we want to build for ourselves.

A diverse array of stakeholders, committed to being part of this transition, are coming together in what has come to be known as Citizen Energy Communities. It is a term that has been legally recognised by the EU, so that these different actors can form a cohesive community to advance the inclusive and just production and consumption of renewable energy.

Explore our website and follow us on social media to discover how the Lightness project will promote renewable energy by supporting Citizen Energy Communities in Europe. Stay tuned!


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